Dreamworld Pogie

Originally designed by the Oliver Twins to be released on the NES, it lay hidden for two decades until it was rediscovered; and eventually released.

This version, programmed by Lyndon J Sharp, brings all the goodies the ZX Spectrum Next has to offer, extra colours, super smooth scrolling and fantastic audio.

This fantastic platformer will see you guide Dizzy’s pet fluffle Pogie or his good friend Rosie through 15 levels of pure sugary dreamworld!
FREE for ZX Spectrum Next Kickstarter backers by using a special coupon on checkout (Read the instructions below)

NOTE: Presale for Dreamworld Pogie will start on late  Q1, 2024

£11.00£19.00 incl.

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NOTE: Presale for Dreamworld Pogie will start on late  Q1, 2024

Originally designed by The Oliver Twins, Pogie in Dreamworld was to be released on the NES on late 1992 - early 1993. Unfortunately as Andrew and Philip eventually left Codemasters plans to release it as well as adapt it to other platforms were abandoned. Now, thirty years later it comes to your ZX Spectrum Next in glorious colour, updated graphics and sound!

Join Dizzy's pet fluffle Pogie and his friend Rosie in a frantic action platformer taking place in Pogie's dream! 15 action-packed levels await you; escape the spiked armadillos, the mean insect helicopters and gather as many coins and stars as you can in order to finish every level! Touch the dinosaur eggs in order to not lose your progress completely when you get caught!

Don't forget to ride the bubbles and jump on the muchrooms and never, ever let Pogie or Rosie get bored by doing nothing - they get quite annoyed!
Try to find the magic fizzola; a devilish-looking head that makes Rosie and Pogie all powerful and invincible... sadly for a little while only!

Avoid all obstactles that come in your way; after all Pogie sleeps only during the night; come day he wakes up and the dream game is over!

Best of all, for all KS1 ZX Spectrum Next users, this one is free thanks to The Oliver Twins which provided the game to support KS1 ZX Spectrum Next production!

KS1 users need an account with their registered KS1 email, and matching name from the Kickstarter account in order to download the game for free.

Enter coupon code upon checkout: in the form "POGIEKS1-youremail@domain.tld" to get your discount (for example: POGIEKS1-sales@wearespectrumprogrammers.com)

NOTE: 1 free download per KS1 account

  • 1 Mb RAM
  • NextZXOS 2.08
  • Core 3.01.00
  • 60Hz display. HDMI display recommended
  • Defragmented SD Card (If the card is not defragmented, digital music and effects won't work)
  • KS1 ZX Spectrum Next (Spartan SLX6)
  • KS2 ZX Spectrum Next (Artix A7)
  • N-Go
  • ZX-DOS
  • gomaDOS+ with ZX Next Core
  • MiST(er)/SiDi with ZX Next Core (Slower gameplay unless there is an SRAM module installed)
  • X-Berry π
  • #CSpect emulator v. or greater running at 60Hz with -vsync option

Original Design by: The Oliver Twins
Game Realisation/Publishing: WASP Studio
Lead Programmer: Lyndon J. Sharp
Graphics: Phoebus Dokos
Additional game design: Phoebus Dokos
In-Game Music: Lyndon J Sharp
Intro Sequence: Lyndon Sharp / Phoebus Dokos
Digital Sound Effects: Phoebus Dokos / Lyndon Sharp

Packaging: The ZX Next HUB
Physical Production: Georgia Stouraiti